Welcome to the Codename Firemark WikiEdit

This wiki is for the Firemark browser adventure game engine. It covers the documentation for the project and (possibly) the game which is going to be developed based on it.

The wiki is aimed mainly to unify conventions and ideas used in the game engine. It should also be considered as a reference manual for the people who want to contribute, develop and use the engine.

The idea behind the projectEdit

Codename Firemark aims to become the single-player adventure/rpg browser-based game with easy administration. The game logic is going to be heavily based on the concept of locations, between which the player needs to walk in order to advance in the adventure. The web application is going to be written in Python 3.

The engine is also going to provide a GUI tool for the scriptwriter to easily create the storyline, and allow developers to apply it to the game without worrying about what's in it.


The project will be absolutely free and open. No restrictions are considered either to playing the game nor using the game engine for one's advantage. Every contribution and help is very welcome. Or at least will be, as the project just started and we need to get the codebase done and running. Then every help is welcome for real :)

Latest activityEdit

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